When to Plant Roses in AZ

Can the climate be too extreme for planting roses in Arizona?

Can you grow thriving rose plants if you pick the right varieties and planting conditions?

When is the best time to plant roses in Arizona?

Although the climate is extreme in Arizona, it’s not too extreme for roses. You can easily grow thriving, healthy rose plants if you take the time to research those that will grow well in your state and your region both.

The best time of year to plant roses in Arizona varies depending on specific information about where you live and what your roses need. However, you can learn more about the basics so you can choose the right time to plant and help your roses grow.

In this article, we’ll discuss when to plant roses in Arizona based on a variety of factors. We’ll give you plenty of information to help you pinpoint the perfect time to plant your roses no matter which part of the state you live in, and we’ll also tell you more about fertilizing and pruning your roses, too.

With the help of the information in the article below, you should be well prepared to plant your roses at the right time, prune and fertilize them when you need to, and help them grow strong and healthy regardless of which variety of rose you choose to plant. Read through this list of tips to help you get started on the road to rose growing.

Read on to learn more about the best time to plant roses in Arizona.

When to Plant Roses in AZ

1. What is the best time to start planting roses in Arizona?

  • The right time to plant roses in Arizona occurs at different times of the year depending on which part of the state you live in. Keep in mind that these timelines also only apply to roses grown outdoors; roses grown indoors can be planted year-round as long as you have the right setup for them.
  • If you live in Northern Arizona, plant your roses in either March or April to avoid the last frost. If you live anywhere else in Arizona, you can plant in December or January, as you will likely avoid the last frost by doing this too.

2. Which months are the ideal rose planting season in Arizona?

  • The best months for planting roses are from December through March in Arizona. However, once again, the right time frame will depend on the part of the state where you live, and it will also depend on the type of winter you’ve had in your area.
  • You should always wait until after the last frost of the season to plant your roses.

3. How do you know when it’s too late to plant roses in Arizona?

  • Roses like to be planted in cooler temperatures. For this reason, many rose hobbyists believe you should plant your roses before temperatures reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time during the season.
  • Do not plant your roses after the weather reaches this point. Otherwise, it will be too hot, and the roses likely won’t grow or bloom at all. 

4. When should you prune your roses when you live in Arizona?

  • If you are lightly pruning your roses, the best time of year to do this is about two weeks before the new growth buds swell. This time frame can vary depending on the weather, but if you see small buds that haven’t started to develop yet, this is usually a good indicator that you can start pruning.
  • In all areas of Arizona except the northern part of the state, it is not recommended to dramatically prune your roses at any time of the year. This is because the southern and western parts of Arizona are prone to brutally hot sunlight, which can be severely damaging to roses that have been pruned back too far.

5. How do you know when to fertilize roses in Arizona?

  • The best time of year to fertilize roses in Arizona is to wait for the growing season to start. Once your roses are growing, you can begin fertilizing once every six weeks until the end of the growing season.
  • It’s best to use slow-release fertilizers in Arizona because of the type of climate and the kinds of roses that are grown in this area.
  • Be sure you also fertilize your roses right after you prune them so they will have the energy they need to grow healthy and strong.

6. What are some other important care tips when raising roses in Arizona?

  • Roses in Arizona need at least one inch of water per week. Whether this comes from rain or from you watering them, make sure your roses are getting the hydration they need.
  • Be sure you deadhead your roses to remove stems that aren’t growing well or any wilted buds. This will allow the plant to put its energy toward growing its healthier parts instead.
  • Consider mulching your roses, especially if they’ve already grown into larger rose bushes outdoors. If they aren’t that large yet, you might not need to mulch them, depending on the soil quality where you are located.
  • Consider adding some shade to your yard to protect your roses during the hottest, brightest parts of summer.


Did you find out everything you need to know about growing roses in Arizona? If you’re thinking of starting a rose growing hobby or you want to add some roses to your garden or yard, you can make it happen with a little planning and patience. Even in Arizona, where the weather can be unpredictable and can become either very hot or very cold depending on where you are, roses can thrive with the right care.

Is it better to grow roses in containers rather than planting them straight in the ground in Arizona? There really isn’t much of a difference. You can grow your roses in containers if you prefer, or you can plant them in the ground. Just be sure you’re prepared for the possibility of needing to fertilize, mulch, or add to the soil depending on your location, as the soil may need enrichment to provide all the nutrients needed for roses. This is true anywhere, however, so there’s no reason why living in Arizona should prevent you from growing roses outside if you choose to do so.

Can you grow roses indoors in Arizona? Absolutely! As with anywhere, you’ll need to make preparations if you want to grow a rose indoors. You’ll need to take time to learn about how to grow the rose variety you’re considering, and you will definitely need LED grow lights to keep your rose healthy and happy. You’ll also need to purchase a large enough container and ensure your roses have enough room to grow, bloom, and thrive.

Whether you plan to plant your roses indoors, outside, or in a container on your patio, you can make your rose dreams come true by following the advice listed here. Don’t forget, too, that there are plenty of rose hobbyist groups located throughout the state, and if you have any further specific questions about rose growing in Arizona, you can look to them for guidance.