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Welcome to ArizonaBloom.com! If you are searching the web for all the best articles about plant-growing, horticulture, desert flora and fauna, all the best gardening tools, tips and techniques then you have ARRIVED!

This could have POSSIBLY been us… somewhere on the outskirts of Kirkland or Everett WA

We are the Prickly Pair–a dynamic duo (just me and my hubby here) who unabashedly left the cold and wet forestland of Washington state for warmer pastures. We decided that we had had enough of the rain, rain and more rain so common to the Pacific Northwest.

We opted for Arizona’s sunshine (and lower cost of living), loaded up the U-Haul and took off. We traded in our 1200 square foot, second floor condo for a 2500 square foot ranch style house complete with swimming pool, courtyard and front and back yards.

We grew flowers in pots on our condo’s postage-stamp sized balcony, but now we had not one but two yards to contend with. They were a blank slate for the most part. In the backyard a gnarly twisted lemon tree still bore fruit which charmed and amazed us. Wow, our own lemon tree! How cool is that? Two enormous palm trees dominated the front yard with a grapefruit tree in between them. The grapefruit tree’s trunk was splitting so it was anyone’s guess how long it would last.

My husband is an avid gardener and was determined to make the most of the space our new home provided, but we didn’t have any idea about gardening in the desert.

In the several years since, we’ve learned quite a bit about gardening in Arizona. It is worth the effort, but it would have been so helpful to have a desert gardening resource. ArizonaBloom will chronicle our efforts, and save YOU time and effort… at OUR expense!

Welcome to the adventure!

The Prickly Pair